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Writing A Finance Case Study

How Is a Case Study Similar to Storytelling?

In the course of your finance studies, you might be presented with the task of writing a case study. The first thing to keep in mind is that writing a case study is very much like storytelling. In storytelling, you hope that the reader will get the sense of what the characters in your story are experiencing. Likewise, in writing a case study, you hope that the reader will experience what you did as you were going about collecting information for your case study. Do not be intimidated. We have shared some tips on writing a finance case study below.

What is a Case Study?

A finance case study is a paper wherein you present a financial situation, showcase a problem, provide background information and describe the solutions that were implemented to solve the particular problem.

How do you go about writing one?

Like with most papers you will be required to write in school, writing a case study begins with choosing a situation. Choose a situation or scenario that you feel you will be able to gather information for. A tip is to look at situations that had a great impact on society.

Once you have settled on a case that you would like to assess, you proceed to gather as much information about that particular case as you can. Secondly, you analyze all the information you have collected by arranging it in an orderly manner. After the analysis usually comes the determination of the solution to that particular problem and explaining why they reached that solution.

Key Takeaways

Remember that are telling a story. Your story needs to be exciting and well narrated to capture the examiner’s attention. Ensure that your case study is in-depth and backed by real evidence. With these tips at hand, you should be able to write a wonderful case study.

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