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What is a finance dissertation and when do you write it?

Working on a dissertation usually signals the culmination of your finance studies. A finance dissertation is often the last project you work on to show the skills you have picked up in school. Additionally, it is in writing your thesis that you showcase your research capabilities. The dissertation can be considered the most important thing you will work on in your studies. Therefore, you have to get it right.

So how do you go about working on your dissertation?

First, it involves a great deal of planning. Before embarking on writing, you need to plan the whole course of the project. The things you need to figure out include:


  • The topic that you would wish to take on. For example, you can choose to focus on the motives behind mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies
  • The objectives that you hope to achieve. Be very clear on your objectives.
  • Think of how you will carry out your research.
  • What possible outcomes do you anticipate you will get?
  • How much time will you need to accomplish all of this?

These are often the things you include in your dissertation proposal. When you have these things down, working on your dissertation becomes less of a task. Answering these questions will provide a guide for you to go about writing your finance dissertation.

What Else Should You Keep in Mind?

 Finally, when you have done all the above, conducted your research and getting down to write, present the information that you have gathered coherently. For example, if you are tackling the history of stock trading, break down the history clearly in a way that doesn’t confuse the examiner. Be sure to proofread and edit a few times to make sure you submit the best dissertation to your examiner.

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