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When we hear of research papers, our minds get overwhelmed because we immediately think of huge books and a lot of reading. In the course of finance school, you will be required to work on finance research papers now and then. So, what is a research paper and how do you write one?

A research paper is a more in-depth essay. While writing an essay, you put forward your thoughts on a topic. On the other hand, when working on a research paper, you examine different sources for what they say about a specific issue and analyze the arguments. A research paper is similar to an essay in that in both you present your argument. In contrast, however, is that in a research paper, that argument is in support of or backed by existing arguments.

The research paper is your opportunity to explain your understanding or interpretation of an argument. So how do you write a superb finance research paper? First, just like you would when writing an essay, you choose a topic. You should pick a topic that interests, excites and challenges you. Secondly, get as much information as you can about the subject. As mentioned above, a research paper is mostly about supporting existing arguments. Therefore, it is crucial to know what others have said about the subject before. After that, you can get to writing, proofreading and editing as many times as is needed.

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