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A research proposal describes briefly the study you are conducting and is also known as a research outline. It is a basic plan of what you are going carry out in your actual research. It the one chance you get to impress your tutor before completing the full study. In many universities, students are required to write a Finance Research proposal before conducting the comprehensive research. Below is a simple description of what a basic Finance Research Proposal should contain or look like:


The first step to writing a finance research proposal is to craft a strong title. Your title should vividly explain what the research will cover, and is generally approved by your project supervisor. Typically, you will have the title or the principal idea of the topic you would wish your finance research to cover in mind, even before approaching your supervisor.

Aims and Objectives

The second step in writing a strong research proposal is to draft the aim and objectives of your work. These are clear statements of what you would want your research work to examine or what gaps or questions your research seeks to answer, and how you are going to go about it. Clear aims and objectives define a strong finance research proposal.

Literature Review

A literature review one of the critical parts of a research proposal. The literature review examines the existing material from books, journals and other sources about the topic of choice. These resources will be of great help in painting a picture of what is presently known about the issue you are writing on. The literature review may often be longer than other parts of a        finance research proposal. The literature may also help identify a gap that your research may fill.


Another key element of a successful research proposal, a methodology highlights the type of research you are going to employ to answer your questions. There are different types of research methods and choosing the right method for your study is critical. You can use primary research method or a secondary research method. A strong proposal needs an appropriate research method to assist you to answer your research questions.

Other element required for your Finance Research Proposal may vary depending on the subject you are studying. Our expert team of writers will be able to write you a strong Finance Research proposal regardless of the topic. Place your order today.

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